Moral and Spiritual Development of Students


  • Hotmauli Simatupang
  • Nadira


Growth in Students' Religious Morals


Education is a process of changing oneself in one's attitude and one's behavior and groups, for the process of maturing oneself and being able to find out what developments one will get after receiving education. Then moral development education is a learning process where students are able to understand themselves and then can also control themselves in the environment around them. And morality is about knowing how to behave towards this life, both good and bad. The Impact of Students' Moral and Spiritual Development on Education Humans generally develop according to stages. When an individual enters school age, which is between seven and twelve years, that individual is referred to as a student who will be involved in the learning process in an education system.The expected learning method must be appropriate to the child's developmental stages. Namely, it has the following characteristics: (1) the program is structured flexibly and not rigidly and takes into account children's individual differences; (2) it is not carried out monotonously, but is presented variedly through many activities: and (3) it involves the use of various media and learning resources so as to enable children to be fully involved using various development processes (Syamsuddin, 2007).From the description above, it can be concluded that moral development is a development related to rules and conventions regarding what humans should do in their interactions with other people and spiritual development is a human soul that has enthusiasm and has deep trust in itself, other people, God and nature, which occur due to experience and awareness in life above one's self.




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