The Influence of the School Environment on Students' Learning Motivation in Primary Schools


  • Mega Aulia
  • Diajeng Sakina


Emotions, Independence, Parenting styles


Motivation is an energy within humans that encourages them to carry out activities with certain goals. So learning motivation is anything that can encourage students to learn. Thus, teachers must be able to motivate students to learn because if there is no motivation from within the students, of course students will not learn well and will not achieve success in learning (Fitriati et al., 2019). Elementary school education is very important for students because this is the basis for the development of knowledge obtained by students. In this educational unit, the goal to be achieved is to lay the foundation of intelligence, knowledge, personality, noble morals, and skills for living independently and pursuing further education. Various kinds of knowledge are provided to students in various subjects. Knowledge is provided to students through teaching and learning activities. Student learning motivation is closely related to the student's own learning environment. A good environment has a huge influence on student learning motivation, one of which is the school environment. The school environment is one of the factors that influences student learning motivation. In the school environment, of course, there are teachers, administrative staff, and classmates who can influence students' learning motivation (Santoso & Adha, 2019).




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