Student Development Trends in Building the Potential of the Next Generation


  • Sindi Fathika Sari
  • Salwasabina


Internet, character education, educational sites, healthy internet


The internet is essentially just a medium in the form of a tool, not a goal. The rapid development of children's abilities to use the internet is an opportunity to instill character education through this media. To instill character education via the internet requires awareness and ability of the relevant parties, especially families, schools and government. The role of the family is to form a family that can create the next generation of quality and strong character, including families who are aware of healthy internet use. Parents need to understand strategies for healthy internet use, starting from: placing computers in public places, choosing the type of PC computer, having insight into educational site addresses, guiding and monitoring children in using the internet. The government has an obligation to encourage the internet to become a medium for national character education. Apart from providing internet infrastructure, schools also need to integrate learning with the internet, know the addresses of educational sites, use the web or blogs as a means of communication and learning interaction, encourage various children's creativity via the internet, and guide and direct students in using the internet healthily.




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