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Journal of General Education Science

Journal of General Education Science is a journal that publishes scientific work or based on research literature that focuses on educational topics, but we also accept non-educational topics, to support and care for scientists who have struggled in the process of writing scientific papers. We look forward to the best writings from various countries which will be published in the Journal of General Education Science. Researchers can see the clarity in the focus and scope section.

Additional information

It is understood that the authors are responsible for the content of the papers they submit because they confirm the originality of the paper before submission and have read this plagiarism policy. If a second case of severe plagiarism by the same author is identified, a decision on the course of action to be taken will be made by the Editorial board. Authors may be banned from submitting further articles forever.

This policy also applies to material reproduced from other publications by the same author. If an author uses previously published text or images, the appropriate paragraph or image must be identified and previous publications referenced. It is understood that in the case of review papers or papers of a tutorial nature, most of the material has been previously published.

Authors must identify the source of previously published material and obtain permission from the original author and publisher. If an author submits a manuscript to Automotive Experiences with significant overlap with a manuscript submitted to another journal concurrently, and this overlap is discovered during the review process or after publication of both papers, the editor of the other journal is notified and the case is reported. treated as a severe case of plagiarism. Significant overlap means the use of identical or nearly identical images and identical or slightly modified text for one half or more of the paper. For self plagiarism less than half of the paper but more than one tenth of the paper, the case will be treated as intermediate plagiarism. If the self plagiarism is limited to the method part, the case will be considered as minor plagiarism.

If an author uses some previously published material to clarify the presentation of new results, the previously published material must be identified and its differences from this publication stated. Permission to republish must be obtained from the copyright holder. In the case of a manuscript originally published in conference proceedings and later submitted for publication in the Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan Umum, either in the same form or in an expanded form, the author must include the name of the conference proceedings and the date of publication and obtain permission to republish from the copyright holder. The editor may decide not to accept this paper for publication. However, an author is permitted to use material from the unpublished presentation, including visual displays, in subsequent journal publications. In the case of a submitted publication, which was originally published in another language, the title, date, and journal of the original publication must be identified by the author, and copyright must be obtained.