Publication Ethics

  1. The manuscript presents complete and original information and objective data.
  2. The sources of citations and references cited in the manuscript must be informed.
  3. Manuscripts are written concisely and clearly for efficiency.
  4. The manuscript, at the same time, was not submitted to and has not been published by any other journal.
  5. Everyone involved in the research (student & supervisor) must be included in the writing team.
  6. A deceased author must be included as a co-author.
  7. Authors must avoid falsification (fabricate data and research results).
  8. Authors should avoid falsification (manipulating research materials, equipment, processes, altering data or intentionally discarding data or results).
  9. Authors must avoid plagiarism (taking ideas, processes, results or words without mentioning the source).
  10. The author should avoid Fragmentation (break the research data into different themes of the manuscript so that the discussion does not go deep)
  11. Manuscripts may not use material copied from other articles without permission.
  12. All materials/citations obtained from previous research, involving similar authors related to previous publications must be properly cited.