The Influence of Gadgets In Student Learning Development


  • Riri Mayuni
  • Sherly Tiara Amanda


Gadgets, Early Childhood


Currently, the development of technology has a lot of influence on children, one of which is the use of gadgets. If a child is addicted and negatively impacted by gadgets, the child's development will be hampered. This poses a danger to children from gadgets. Playing with gadgets can pose risks to children's physical and mental health. Of course, here the role of parents and teachers needs to be expected so that children are not negatively impacted by the use of gadgets. The method used in this research is a qualitative approach. The aim of this research is to determine the influence of gadgets on the development of elementary school students. The results of this research show that excessive use of gadgets has a huge influence on children's development, both in terms of psychology, physical and social development. Apart from having a positive impact, gadgets can also.




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