The Influence of Gadget Use on Children's Development at Elementary School Age


  • Luthfiyah Riski
  • Dhea Rahmi Amanda Siregar


Gadgets, impact, child development


Along with current developments, the impact of globalization has brought various technological developments, changes that are felt in almost all aspects of people's lives, both in the technological, economic, educational and social fields (Hidayat, et al, 2021). Especially in the field of technology, which makes using media and technology a challenge for children's development. A gadget is a small electronic device that has a special function. From day to day gadgets always appear to provide the latest technology that makes human life more practical. There are many negative impacts that gadgets can have, namely that they can harm health, can interfere with children's development, and are prone to action. crime, can affect children's behavior, difficulty concentrating on the real world, disrupted brain function in children (Pre Frontal Cortex), and can become dependent on gadgets (Introvert). Gadaget can also have a positive impact on children's development if its use is balanced with interaction with the surrounding environment because it can increase children's creativity and provide broad insight. By allowing minors to use too sophisticated technology such as gadgets, it can change a child's behavior, for this reason the role of parents is very important to supervise, control and pay attention to all children's activities to see better child development. This research aims to find out what impacts the use of gadgets has on students. This research uses the literature review method by analyzing research that is being conducted on a special topic which is part of the scientific field.




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